What Happened to the Trees in Krouskop Park?

The City Utilities and Parks & Grounds crew have been removing ash trees infested with emerald ash borer (EAB) for the last five years.  The presence of EAB in Richland Center was confirmed in the fall of 2015 when an ash tree suspected of being infested was cut down and EAB larvae and larval galleries were found.

Initially the trees were treated, but chemical treatments to protect ash trees from EAB are expensive and on-going. Due to the deterioration that has taken place over the past five years, the trees have become structurally unsound and the potential for falling limbs or the catastrophic failure of a main stem could be hazardous, so the Park Board decided against further treatment.

After further discussion with Keith Behling of the Rotary Club of Richland County, it was in everyone’s best interest to remove the trees from the Rotary Lights display area. In doing so, this gives them time to plan and design new structures for the coming season!

While we hate to see our beautiful trees come down, we are only considering the safety of the general public.

The Parks & Grounds Department plans to plant new trees in the park this spring during our annual Arbor Day Celebration with the kids in the Richland School District.


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