Street Construction Update:

Below is a construction update for the two projects under construction right now.

Westside Drive Reconstruction: Gerke Excavating has been working on the underground utilities on Miner Court over the last two weeks.  During the underground utilities construction, Gerke has temporary water set up on all the water services to the homes on Miner Court.  The sanitary sewer main on Miner Court was completed yesterday afternoon.  They have now started installing the water main on Miner Court from the north end of the cul de sac heading south.  Gerke estimates it will take approximately 5 days to install the water main on Miner Court and 2nd Street.  The hydrants are expected to be delivered next Tuesday.

After the water main has been installed and tested, they will begin replacing all the sewer and water services within the Phase 1 construction limits and install the storm sewer at the 2nd Street and Grove Street intersection.  All the underground utility replacement is estimated to be complete by June 25th.  Gerke will then begin building the road within the Phase 1 construction limits and start underground utility work at the north end of Westside Drive.


Panorama Estates:  Krueger Excavating (Duane Kleinsasser’s grading contractor) started grading on site this week.  He has made good progress this week and hopes to get as much area seeded as possible before it rains.  As part of the overall grading, he will be bringing the public road (Panorama Court) to subgrade for Gerke Excavating.  Bill Krueger expects to finish the road grading by the end of next week, assuming we continue to have good weather.

Gerke Excavating, the City’s contractor, plans to start construction on June 25th to start installing the public improvements.  They plan to start with the USH 14 intersection improvements and finish with constructing Panorama Court.  Their estimated completion date for the improvements is October 5th.


Matt Muchow, PE

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