Street Construction Update:

July 24, 2018
Westside Drive Reconstruction: Gerke Excavating has all the water main, sanitary sewer, and laterals installed on Westside Drive from the Grove Street intersection to Stewart Street.  All the utility work is now complete within this area.  A1 Excavating is currently installing force main and water main on Grove Street as part of a separate contract with the Utility.  The utility work on Grove Street should be complete next week.  Gerke Excavating will not start reconstructing the road on Westside Drive and 2nd Street until the utility work on Grove Street is done to allow property owners the ability to get to their house from either the north or south.

 Gerke is currently installing the storm sewer today from the river to Westside Drive within the storm sewer easement on the Tjossem property.  Gerke estimates this will take approximately 2 days to complete.  After the storm sewer is finished, they will start setting up temporary water service for the houses on the north end of Westside Drive between USH 14 and Stewart Street.  Construction notices will be delivered to the property owners tomorrow for the next phase of work.  After the temporary water service is set up, Gerke will start installing the sanitary sewer from the north end of the project heading south to Stewart Street.

 Gasser is on site today paving the lower lift of asphalt on Miner Court.  They will wait to pave the asphalt surface until they come back to pave Westside Drive.


Panorama Estates: Gerke Excavating removed the existing concrete median east of the intersection and has the traffic shifted to the north to allow the remaining intersection improvements to be completed on the south side of the intersection.  The existing concrete on the south side of the intersection will be removed next week.  After the concrete is removed, the required utility adjustments within the intersection will be completed.  


Haseltine Street:  A1 Excavating is currently finishing the sanitary sewer and water main on Haseltine Street as part of the contract with the Utility.  Gerke Excavating is hauling in new storm sewer pipe this week and plans to start installing storm sewer next week.



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