River Trails

We have many great trails in Richland Center that are excellent for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking and biking. Get out and enjoy the season and get a little exercise too!


Snowshoe and Pole Rentals

Snowshoes and poles can be rented from the Parks, Recreation & Grounds office. All sizes are available for adults and children. Contact the Community Center at (608)647-8108 ext. 1 for availability.

$5- day rental (returned before 5PM the next day)

$10 – weekend rental (picked up Friday before 5PM and returned Monday before 5PM)

Snowshoe and Pole Rental Agreement




Pine River TrailsIMG_20130529_131543_823

A walking trail along the edges of the picturesque Pine River.  The trail features spectacular views of the Pine River and wildlife, offering many benches along the way to sit back and take it all in, many canoe port access points and fishing piers. There are a number of trailheads throughout the City to access these trails. All of the following trails connect, allowing you to walk, snowshoe or bike from the far north of town all the way to the south and back if you have the time!


To the North of town, you can get on the Aaron Black Section of the trail system. Three trailheads are available for this section.

-Trailhead #1 is located on N. Industrial Drive by the end of the bridge, with limited parking on either side of the road.

-Trailhead #2 is located on Bowen Cemetery Lane off of County AA, parking in the cul-de-sac or along the road.

-Trailhead #3 is located on County AA by Bowen’s Mill bridge but is TEMPORARILY CLOSED due to trail bridges being out. Bridges will be replaced this spring. Limited parking on the road.

There is a Port-a-Pot located near Trailhead #1 at the Woodman Dog Park, 151 N. Industrial Drive.

Pine River Trails- Aaron Black Section


-Trailhead #4 is located at Lions Park on 23595 WI Trunk 80 N, with ample parking available in the lot, near the Carl Chellevold picnic shelter. Walk along Hwy 80 going south to the Watershed Dike and make your way along the edge of the river until you come back to Hwy 80 at North Park east soccer field. Cross the highway and explore North Park Pond or just follow the river until you go under the Hwy 80 bridge and connect to North Park trailhead. Cross the footbridge to Krouskop Park.

There are Port-a-Pots available at North Park.

Pine River Trails- Lions Park to North Park Section


-Trailhead #5 is located at Krouskop Park, 1199 N Jefferson Street parking lot by the Charles Lawrence & Robert Retrum shelters and tennis courts. Parking is available in the lot or in the North Park lot, 1700 Allison Park Drive. The trail winds around the Disc Golf course and the wildlife scrape along the way to Old Mill Pond Park.

There are Port-a-Pots located in Krouskop Park lot as well Old Mill Pond Park.

Pine River Trails- Krouskop Park to Old Mill Pond Park Section


-Trailhead #6 is located at Old Mill Pond Park, 600 W. Seminary Street, with ample parking in the lot and the Hornet Hive shelter. From here you can trek North to Krouskop Park on the West side of the river to Highway 14 at the Mobil Gas Station. A gazebo is available at Westside Park for a quick rest stop. You can also head South by crossing over Seminary Street at the bridge crosswalk and head along the bike trail or along the river through the Arboretum, then continue following the river around the corner by the Hwy 80/14 intersection and go under the Hwy 80 South bridge, meandering along to North Wedgewood Park. Take a quick rest stop at the shelter and look for trail signs to take you to the trailhead.

There is a Port-a-Pot located in the Old Mill Pond Park lot.

Pine River Trails- Old Mill Pond Park to Hwy 80 South Section


-Trailhead #7 is located at North Wedgewood Park, 1460 Wedgewood Drive, with limited parking on the street. Trek the network of trails north and rest at the shelter that connects to the Pine River Bike Trail.

Pine River Trails- North Wedgewood Section


-Trailhead #8 is located at South Wedgewood Park, 2102 Bohmann Drive, with limited parking in the lot and rest stop at the new Rotary Club shelter. Trails go to the right just past the shelter and loop around. If you go to the left of the shelter and cross the bridge, you enter onto private property.

There is a Port-a-Pot located in the lot.

Pine River Trails- South Wedgewood Section


Miner Hill Trails Parkminer1

Miner Hill Trails Park has walking & hiking trails that encompass 50 acres of scenic wonder revealed along a trail that wanders past five overlooks, through woods and open meadows,  and past an old quarry site, to the top of a bluff with a panoramic view of the city and countryside spreading out in the valley below.  All trail overlooks are railed. The trails are complete with signs & areas for picnicking. There are six trails to choose from, ranging from 1/5 mile to 4/5 mile distances. Strickland Trail (1/5 mile) begins at the base of Strickland Park, with parking & playground equipment. You can also park & connect with Tower Drive Trail if you follow Court Street East.  Here and there along the way, hikers will find resting and picnic spots for a leisurely pause on the trail.

Miner Hill Trails Brochure



Ocooch Mountain Recreational Trails

New recreational trails were created for year-round use on the City land located near the Armory, at 1350 Peebles Drive. Mountain biking and hiking take center stage during the warmer months, then in the colder months, cross country skiing and snowshoeing.  Southwest Partners’ members have worked tirelessly to create these recreational opportunities for our community! Trail work and maintenance on over two miles of trail that hug the hills is ongoing, but there is plenty of signage to help guide you. Parking is available in the Armory lot near the trailhead. What a beautiful place to get away from it all, right out your doorstep. Whether it is a quiet hike or a quicker ride, check out these trails.

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Ocooch Mountain Rec Trails Map