Snow Removal on sidewalks

In an attempt to keep all residents safe this winter, The Parks and Grounds Dept. announces that “City Ordinance 2008-12 states that all sidewalks must be cleared of snow and ice not more than 12 (twelve) hours after the end of a winter storm. If not properly cleared within the specified time period, the City will clear away all snow and ice and the cost of all labor, equipment and materials will be billed to the property owner”.


All sidewalks need to be cleared. If you have a sidewalk in front of your home or business, it needs to be clear of all snow. Do not allow people who plow your parking lot or driveway to pile snow on the sidewalk.

All sidewalks must remain open to pedestrian traffic.

Also, be sure that all crosswalks are clear as soon as possible.


Any questions can be directed to the City Parks Dept. at 604-0398

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