Woodman Senior Center

Cheryl Heffner, Coordinator

1050 N. Orange Street
P: 608-647-8108 ex. 3     F: 608-647-5327
E:  cheryl.heffner@richlandcenter.com

Mission Statement421

It is the mission of the Woodman Senior Center to provide a gathering place where persons 55 and older can meet to pursue mutual interests, participate in social and recreational activities that enhance their dignity, support their independence and encourage their continued involvement in and with the community.

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Celebrating 42 years of service in 2019!

Monday-Friday, 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM

P: 608-647-2323

If you have been outside at the Senior Center lately, you may have noticed a new addition to the patio!  We have been given a wonderful gift from the Joan Woodman Orton McCollum Foundation to have the Pergola built over our patio.  Come, sit and relax in the shade and enjoy the calming sounds of the waterfall and the surrounding park.  Construction by Jim Brewer with help from Jerry Smith.