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2022 Community Center Rules & RegulationsReglas y regulaciones de la comunidad/centro para personas mayores 2022

Floor Plans

2022 Community Center Rates  Tarifas del Centro Comunitario 2022

2022 Facility Use ApplicationSolicitud de uso de instalaciones del Centro comunitario de Richland 2022

Cancelation Policy  Politica de cancelacion

Community-Senior Center Alcohol Permit Form    Permiso de RC para servir alcohol en el centro comunitario y para personas mayors

Community Center Animal Permit     Permiso para permitir animales en los parques de la comunidad

Temporary Events

All temporary events held on City Property, Streets, Parks, or in the Community Center must fill out a “Wisconsin Temporary Event Operator and Seller Information” form. Businesses must provide a Certificate of Insurance form listing the City of Richland Center as additional insured. List all vendors attending the event showing the Legal name; business name; address; city; state; zip code; home, business and cellular telephone numbers along with a brief description of what they are selling. Any vendor selling food or providing bounce houses, animals, climbing walls or any other dangerous activities, is required to provide these forms. The discretion on the requirement for a certificate of insurance will be determined by the City Clerk’s Office. Form, list of vendors and insurance certificates must be returned to the City Clerk a minimum of 5 days before the event. Wisconsin Department of Revenue reporting must be completed as soon as possible but no later than 10 days from the event closing.

CC Temp Operator and Seller Procedures

s-240f Wisconsin Temporary Event Operator and Seller Information Form

The Vision

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The project was the inspiration of Richland Center’s past mayor; Larry Fowler.  The existing community center’s aging building, located within the flood zone, no longer met the community’s needs.  Local senior citizens were also in need of a facility to call home.  Creation of a new, flexible, shared location would give both groups opportunity to enjoy more efficiency and options for programming, providing growth into the future, as each group’s needs evolve and change.  Opportunities for grant funding were also studied as a means of helping Richland Center achieve their goals.  Local citizens contributed in fundraising efforts.  One local foundation’s generous endowment led to naming the senior center as the Woodman Center.

“It’s a culmination of so many years of work and dedication by so many.  I’m here to dispel the rumor that  ‘nothing ever happens in Richland Center.’  Something has happened and you’re sitting in it.”          — Former Mayor, Larry D. Fowler

Community Benefits

All PurposeCooking Class-Foodnetwork

Planning for the new facility was a community process.  Diverse groups of needs were represented through several layers of committee meetings that included, parks and recreation department, public utility staff, adult athletics, youth activities, and senior groups.  Concern over a need for rental space for other individuals in the community such as wedding parties, birthday parties and family reunions was also a major consideration.  Addressing this community need in the design process created a revenue opportunity for the city as well.  The selected building site is located between existing ball fields with concessions on one side and the local community pool on the other, thus greatly expanding opportunities for future events while offering a “go to” place for residents to enjoy all types of activities in one location.

In its first season, the new Community and Senior Center has hosted a wide variety of groups and community events.  The annual Independence Day Festival & Walk With Grace took place this year on the grounds.  Wedding Events, Baby Showers, Training Meetings and Birthday Parties have also reserved inside spaces.  The large multi-purpose space has accommodated Rummage and Flea Market sales, Auctions, Gun Clubs, Indoor Walkers, Vacation Bible School, Karate Classes, and Open Gym days.

Visitors to Richland Center are impressed by the great multi-use facility, and many surrounding areas have begun to request tours to instill the vision for a similar project for in their communities.

Environmental StewardshipDrinking fountain

While electing not to participate in the sometimes costly LEED building rating process, LEED principles were honored throughout the building’s design.  Among the first of it’s kind, the facility boasts a totally L.E.D. lighting solution for both interior and exterior lighting. High efficiency furnace and air conditioning units were designed with optimal controls for maximum cost savings.  Water saving fixtures were selected for all plumbing devices and include a water bottle re-fill station at the gymnasium entry which educates users on the impact of eliminating disposable water bottles.  Interior finishes contain high recycled content, recyclable materials.  The 55% annual operational cost savings for this innovation will benefit the residents or Richland Center for years to come.


Charging station

Moving Power From the Grid to the Road!  As plug-in electric vehicles begin hitting the road, GE’s DuraStation stands ready to serve the millions of cars that will be plugging-in instead of fueling-up.  Additional assistance was obtained from energy programs within the state to also design towards the future in ways not seen before.  The facility boasts an electric car charging station for municiple vehicles and equipment, preparing for accelerated savings as aging community vehicles are gradually replaced with alternate energy technology.






In 2012, we received the Park Design Award of Excellence from Wisconsin Park & Recreation Association! Our new Community Center covered all 6 of these qualities~

1. Innovation – provides a new approach to problem solving, exhibits new technology
2. Functionalism – responds to users needs, accessibility for all populations
3. Aesthetics – proper scale is achieved for site, relationship to surroundings, considers the overall site development
4. Community Benefits – responds to identified needs of public, public input on project, improves image of community
5. Environmental Stewardship – use of recycled materials, mechanics which are environmentally compatible (solar, low volume flush, high pressure sodium bulbs) use of native plant materials
6. Maintenance – considers ease of maintaining, durability of materials, minimize need for special equipment or special tasks, safety of maintaining site.