Open Gym

October 2021 – Open gym is currently not available at this time. It will be re-evaluated monthly. 

  • Open gym is free for all!
  • When available, open gym is Monday-Friday from 1PM-5PM, unless otherwise rented. There will be a calendar posted on the gym doors of when the gym open.
  • Equipment is available for use in the storage room at no charge. If you use the equipment from the storage room, return it to the correct spot neatly. If you don’t, the door will remained locked. Thank you for your cooperation!

*Open gym dates and times are subject to change.*


Indoor Walking

  • Indoor walking takes place in the gym. Throughout the year, the gym is available for walking if it is not otherwise rented.
  • The building opens at 7AM, Monday-Friday.
  • Indoor walking is free for all!

*Indoor walking dates and times are subject to change.*


October 2021 – Open Walking Calendar

November 2021 – Open Walking Calendar