Mayor Coppernoll’s Announcement About Opening Local Businesses

May 14, 2020

Yesterday, by a 4-3 vote, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ended Governor Evers’, “Safer At Home” order. This decision forces local authorities to decide whether to re-open their communities at this time, or to continue restrictions until a later date – schools are not affected.

Last night, I consulted with local medical professionals, local law enforcement, and our County Administrator – a consensus was reached, and a decision has been made.

I am told, scientifically, there is no difference at this point between opening now, and opening in two weeks. I am told this is true because the safety measures put in place – sheltering at home, social distancing, frequent hand washing, and so on – have been effective.

These measures have achieved their objective of slowing the spread of COVID 19 locally, and, “flattening the curve.”  My physician advised me to remind people to remain vigilant, and to remember this means we have the opportunity to open a little earlier than we had planned, but it does not mean the virus is gone, or the threat no longer exists – it means these measures have been effective.

At this time, businesses in Richland Center may re-open, at their own discretion, and people may come and go from businesses, as they so choose.

City parks, the Community Center, and the Killian Meyer Building will remain closed at this time, to allow our Parks Department adequate time to prepare them for public use. No date has been set for their re-opening, an announcement will be made when a timeline is firmly in place.

-Mayor Todd Coppernoll


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