Downtown Parking Lot Limitations – 11/22/21

Contractors will again be doing work in the downtown parking lot adjacent to the Richland County Performing Arts Center (182 N. Central Ave.).  Starting on Monday, November 22nd, Daniels Construction will be back on site addressing the underground fuel tank that was worked on earlier this month.  Parking may be limited for up to three days; however, if work goes without unexpected issues, parking will be returned to normal as soon as possible.  Barricades and signs will be in place while the work is being done.  The parking lot will remain open and only the parking spaces affected will be those adjacent to the work site.

It’s all in preparation for the construction of an elevator at the former City Auditorium.  That construction will take place in a few weeks and may require the entire downtown lot to be closed for the duration of the project.  An exact start date for the elevator construction has not yet been determined.

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