Trash & Recycling Curbside Pickup

The City contracts with Town and County Sanitation, Inc for waste and recycling pickup
Town and County Sanitation, Inc
P: 1-800-626-1915

Resolution Implementing the Tagging System and Fees, Reso-2014-9 

Garbage Collection

Richland Center’s household garbage is collected on each:
Monday for the area West side of the Pine River and West of Bohmann Drive
Tuesday for the area from 6th Street North
Wednesday for the area East of the Pine River and from Seminary Street to 6th Street
Thursday for the area south of Seminary Street and East of the Pine River.

Trash containers must be placed at the curb for pickup by 6:30 AM. Containers should not be placed out at the curb earlier than 24 hours prior to the collection and should be removed from the curb side the same day of collection. This garbage collection is intended for normal household waste only.

Normal household waste collection is not intended for building materials, yard waste, furniture or appliances. These items must be taken to the landfill. Please do not include batteries, liquids, or needles with your household waste. Medical needles should be returned to the medical supply source where they can be disposed of in the proper manor. Liquids in containers as the material is compressed in the trucks can and do explode. Paints may be placed in with your household waste as long as the lid is off and the paint has dried out in the can.

Recyclable materials should be separated and placed into your container provided for this purpose.


Place at curbside by 6:30 AM

What to Recycle

Glass Containers:  Soda, beer, wine and liquor bottles, juice and food containers, catsup bottles.
All colors – rinse clean – no lids – unbroken – it is ok to leave labels on.
Not acceptable: mirrors, ceramic cups and plates, clay flower pots, crystal, light bulbs, window glass, heat resistant ovenware, drinking glasses, egg cartons, styrofoam, diapers, plastic bags.
Plastic:  Only containers marked on bottom with the recycling symbol
Any #1 – 7 plastic containers (look on bottom) – rinse – no caps or lids
No plastic bags

Items which can be tied together (such as milk cartons) may be placed next to bin.
Tin Cans:  Tin cans – rinse clean
Aerosol Cans that are emptied can be recycled.
Aluminum:  Aluminum Cans – Rinse
Make sure foil is aluminum

Cardboard / Bags
Corrugated cardboard and boxboard (cereal, pop, etc., must be flattened, bundled and tied, in 3×4 sheets or smaller)
Newspapers: – bundled and tied – Place in brown paper bags or box, keep dry
May be placed next to bin
Magazines – bundled and tied
Catalogs – bundled and tied
Office paper
Waste oil – can be taken to the Richland County Highway Shop for disposal

The City does not collect the following material and they should not be placed at the curb. If the following material is left at the curb, you will receive a notice in the mail. If the material is not removed, it will be removed at your expense: lumber, rocks, concrete, soil, sod, metal, furniture.

The following two haulers serve the City:
Town & Country Sanitation 1-800-626-1915
Waste Management 1-877-969-2783