Fall Leaf Pickup

2020 Brush-Yard waste Calendar

The City of Richland Center will begin collecting leaves this year when there are enough leaves in the streets to make it efficient to have the city’s leaf-vac out. Normally it is around the middle of October until the middle of November.

You are requested by the Street Department to rake your leaves into the street and string them out along the curb where they can be vacuumed up. Try to keep as many sticks as possible out of the leaves, as they plug the vacuum.

Sticks, brush and garden waste should be piled on the grass terraces where they will be collected with an open truck. Pile the brush neatly with the butts out toward the street. Place your garden waste in an open container or in a pile that can be forked into a truck. Do not place anything out in a plastic bag, it will not be taken.

Leaves will continue to be picked up once we start until they are cleaned up or we have to get our equipment switched over to snow removal, which is usually around November 15th.

If you have any questions please contact: Terry Nelson at 608-647-3559