RCPD Employees & Commissioners

Richland Center Police Department Employees
Police Chief Billy Jones jones@rcpolice.net  Serving since 2004
Lieutenant Lauren Moe moe@rcpolice.net  Serving since 2010
Sergeant Jared Wilson wilson@rcpolice.net  Serving since 2014
Detective Jason Pilla  pilla@rcpolice.net  Serving since 2002
Officer Daniel Pepich  pepich@rcpolice.net  Serving since 1997
Officer Joseph Nusse  nusse@rcpolice.net  Serving since 2010
Officer Shawn Deneen  deneen@rcpolice.net  Serving since 2013
Officer Tyler Barr  barr@rcpolice.net  Serving since 2015
Officer Elizabeth Deitelhoff  deitelhoff@rcpolice.net   Serving since 2015
Officer Karl Fredriksen  fredriksen@rcpolice.net  Serving since 2015
Officer Shaylyn Louis  louis@rcpolice.net  Serving since 2020
Secretary Annette Clark  clark@rcpolice.net  Serving since 1999
Community Service Aid Susan Hofer  hofer@rcpolice.net  Serving since 2012

Police Commissioners were created over a century ago by the Wisconsin Legislature who recognized the important role police officers and fire fighters play in assuring public safety in Wisconsin.  the goal of the legislature was to insulate police officers and fire fighters from partisan politics by the creation of an independent body that would be responsible for their selection and removal.  The Richland Center Police Commission consists of five (5) citizen members who are appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the Common Council.  Each Commissioner serves a five (5) year term of office.

Mary Killoy – Term epires April 2023
John Cler – Term expires April 2024
Peter Walsh – Term expires April 2025
Mark Jelinek – Term expires April 2021
Marsha Machotka – Term expires April 2022