Planning – Zoning Services

2013 Richland Center Zoning Map

ETZ Zoning Map

Chap 400a – Sec 400.01 thru .03 thru 1-31-15
Chap 400b – Sec 400.04 thru 1-31-15
Chap 400c – Sec 400.05 to .13 thru 1-31-15
Chap 401 – R-A Residential-Agricultural District thru 1-31-15
Chap 402 – R-1 Single Family Residential District thru 1-31-15
Chap 403 – R-2 One-Two Family Residential thru 1-31-15
Chap 404 – R 3-4 Family Residential thru 1-31-15
Chap 405 – R-5 Multi Family Residentia thru 1-31-15
Chap 406 – R-O Residential-Office thru 1-31-15
Chap 407 – C General Business District thru 1-31-15
Chap 408 – C-DT Central Downtown District thru 1-31-15
Chap 409 – IND Industrial District thru 1-31-15
Chap 410 – I-P Industrial Park District thru 1-31-15
Chap 411 – MHP Mobile Home Park District thru 1-31-15
Chap 412 – Groundwater Protection Overlay District thru 1-31-15

The City Staff wear many hats in providing planning services to the community, dealing with activities such as zoning and subdivision regulations, land use planning, economic development, historic preservation and housing programming. Contact Melinda D. Jones, City Clerk /Treasurer, at 608-647-3466    email:

Variance – $250.00 Fee – Variance Application 2013

Rezoning – $700.00 Fee – Rezoning Application 2013

Land Split – $400.00 Fee – Requires Certified Survey Map

Conditional Use Permits – $400.00 Fee – Conditional Use Permit Application

Site Plan / Plot Plan showing current structures and set backs as well as desired

Maps / Civil Drawings (Commercial) – Landscape plan, Lighting plan, Erosion Control plan, Storm Water Runoff, Off Street parking

Reso 2013-30 Zoning Fees A Resolution establishing the amounts of Fees under the City of Richland Center Zoning Ordinance


Building Services – separate from zoning permits.

(Inspection Services): Contracted with Johnson Inspections, LLC – Tracy Johnson

ph: 608-444-0372 or local 647-5364 (leave a message).  E.

Johnson Inspection Building Permit App 2013           2013 Building Permit Fees     also check under the Departments – Building /Safety Permits tab for more information.  The building inspector also inspects for zoning which is why he has zoning listed on his fee schedule.

  • The inspection staff issue all needed building and mechanical permits, perform on-site inspections, and offer consultation on building and municipal code-related questions.
  • Respond to “Code Enforcement” and “Property Complaints” regarding related private property building and mechanical permits, perform on-site inspections, document and file complaints with City Attorney on violations.
  • Part-time Building Safety Technician and contracted agencies use voluntary compliance approach to Building Safety complaints.
  • Maintain Ordinances for “Code Enforcement.”