Mayor and City Council

Ward Map Nov 2011

Mike Kaufman, Mayor
Elected April 2018 for a 2 year term.
P: 608-647-6428

Mayor and Alderpersons are elected for 2 year terms

District 1, Wards 1, 2, and 3,
Karin Tepley, Alderperson, elected 2018
P: 608-604-1046

Diane Cox, Alderperson, elected 2016 and 2018
P: 608-604-0020



District 2, Wards 4, 5, and 6:
Justin Lockwood, Alderperson, elected 2017
P: 608-604-1819

Travis Wertz, Alderperson, elected 2016 and 2018
P: 608-647-5822


District 3, Wards 7, 8, and 9
Marsha Machotka, Alderperson, elected 2013, 2015, and 2017
P: 608-647-6589

John Collins, Alderperson, elected 2016 and 2018
P: 608-604-6827


District 4, Wards 10, 11, and 12
Kathy Troxel, Alderperson, elected 2017
P: 608-604-3175

Ryan Cairns, Alderperson, elected 2018
P: 608-649-1990



Assessor: Gretchen Jelinek

Attorney: Jay Robb




 Council President: Travis Wertz (elected)

Ambulance Committee: Mike Kaufman and Justin Lockwood

Finance and Budget: Justin Lockwood*, Marsha Machotka, and Ryan Cairns

Board of Review: Mayor Mike Kaufman, Marsha Machotka, John Collins, Justin Lockwood, Melinda Jones, Alt: Aaron Joyce

Personnel and Insurance: Diane Cox*, Justin Lockwood, and Ryan Cairns

Property: Diane Cox*, Ryan Cairns, and Travis Wertz (Property absorbs the Airport Committee and two of the above Alderpersons will be on the Advisory Board to the Height Limitation Ordinance)

Public Safety: Marsha Machotka*, Ryan Cairns, and Diane Cox

Public Works: Marsha Machotka*, Travis Wertz, Karin Tepley

Emergency Government Coordinator: Marsha Machotka

Richland Fire Department: Mayor Corcoran-co chair*, Justin Lockwood, Kathy Troxel,
Two Alternates from the other Council Members

* chair



City Committees with Citizen Appointments 2018
(Bolded names need re-appointment or replacement)

ADA Coordinator: Mike Kaufman, Mayor
ADA Committee:  Travis Wertz, Tom Peralta, David Scribbins, Ann Dodsworth, Shawn Tjossem

Economic Development – Rapid Response Team: Mike Kaufman, Keith Behling, Ryan Cairns

Historic Preservation Commission – *Jerry Bower, Karin Tepley, Lee Marshall, Gretchen Jelinek, Susan Hallett, Russ Shannon, Richard Cairns

Housing Authority – *Bruce Kaasa, Tom Peralta, Nancy Kropp, Carson Culver, Mary Killoy

Library Board – Karin Tepley, Jarred Burke, County Rep, Ed Pulvermacher, Lisa Rewald, Blossom Wright, Francis Braithwaite, Ida Ryan, Dawn Kiefer

Natatorium Board – John Collins, Kathy Troxel, Mike Kaufman, Fred Graf

NHS Revolving Loan Fund – Brian Moore

Park & Grounds Board – *Pat Elliott, Kathryn Lewandowski, Larry Hallett, Nancy Kropp, Kathy Troxel, Robert Bellman, County Rep

Plan Commission – *Mike Kaufman, John Collins, Travis Wertz, Tom Peralta, Pete Walsh, Ray Wilson, Lisa Miller

Police Commission – Todd Coppernoll, Jim Bailey, Pete Walsh, Ray Schroeder, Mary Killoy

Redevelopment Authority / Economic Development – John Collins, Barbara Shannon, Keith Behling,*Bruce Kaasa, Vern Gieshert, Ray Wilson, Marsha Machotka

Revolving Loan Fund – Kathy Troxel*, Tom Delagrave, Ryan Cairns, Dottie Behling, Aaron Halverson

Tourism Commission – Kathy Troxel, Lenny Schaub*, Jennifer Coppernoll, Jayme Walsh, Rebecca Furbish, Karin Tepley

Tree Board – *,Marsha Machotka, Karin Tepley, Kathy Troxel, Todd Kenefick, Larry Hallett, David Fry,

Utility Commission – *Rod Perry, James Heiar, Scott Sawle, David Siefkes, Lenny Schaub, Travis Wertz, John Collins

Zoning Board of Appeals – Gordon Moore, Lisa Miller, Sue Patch, Ray Wilson*, Pete Walsh, alt: Tom Peralta

 If anyone is interested in serving on a Committee, please contact Mayor Mike Kaufman or City Clerk Melinda Jones at 608-647-3466.