Mayor and City Council

The Mayor will hold office hours in the Municipal Building on Mondays from 9am to noon and 1pm to 5pm.  He may already have meetings or telephone conferences scheduled during this time.  If you need to schedule an appointment with him, please call 608-647-6428 and leave a message or email him at

Ward Map Nov 2011
Mayor and Alderpersons are elected for 2 year terms

Todd Coppernoll, Mayor
Elected April 2020 for a 2 year term.
P: 608-647-6428, cell: 608-604-5399

District 1, Wards 1, 2, and 3,
Karin Tepley, Alderperson, elected 2018, 2019
P: 608-604-1046

Susan Fruit, Alderperson, elected 2020
P: 608-604-4804


District 2, Wards 4, 5, and 6:

Travis Wertz, Alderperson, elected 2016 and 2018, elected  by Council 2020 for 1 year
P: 608-647-5822

Carson Culver, Alderperson elected 2020
P: 608-604-0510


District 3, Wards 7, 8, and 9
Melony Walters, Alderperson, elected 2020
P: 608-604-2000

John Collins, Alderperson, elected 2016 and 2018 and 2020
P: 608-604-6827


District 4, Wards 10, 11, and 12
Scotty Wallace, Alderperson, elected 2019
P: 608-604-6479

Ryan Cairns, Alderperson, elected 2018 and 2020
P: 608-649-1990


******If you are interested in serving on a committee, commission, or board, please contact the Mayor at 608-647-6428.


Assessor: Gretchen Jelinek
Attorney: Chris McGough
Forester: David Fry

Emergency Government Coordinator:  Carson Culver




 Council President: John Collins (elected)

Ambulance Committee: Sharon Schmitz and Scotty Wallace

Finance and Budget: Ryan Cairns*, Scotty Wallace, Karin Tepley

Board of Review: Mayor Todd Coppernoll, John Collins, Ryan Cairns, Travis Wertz, Melinda Jones, Alt: Aaron Joyce

Personnel and Insurance: John Collins*, Travis Wertz, Susan Fruit

Property: Susan Fruit*, Scotty Wallace, and Melony Walters (Property absorbs the Airport Committee and two of the above Alderpersons will be on the Advisory Board to the Height Limitation Ordinance)

Public Safety: Scotty Wallace*, Susan Fruit, Carson Culver

Public Works: Karin Tepley*, Carson Culver, Travis Wertz

Richland Fire Department: Mayor Coppernoll-co chair*, Scotty Wallace, Susan Fruit
Two Alternates from the other Council Members

* chair



City Committees with Citizen Appointments 2018
(Bolded names need re-appointment or replacement)

ADA Coordinator: Todd Coppernoll
ADA Committee:  Travis Wertz*, David Scribbins, Ann Dodsworth, Shawn Tjossem, (1 vacant position)

Economic Development – Rapid Response Team: Todd Coppernoll, Keith Behling, Ryan Cairns

Historic Preservation Commission – Karin Tepley, Lee Marshall, Gretchen Jelinek, Susan Hallett, Russ Shannon, Richard Cairns, Jayne Kintz

Housing Authority – *Bruce Kaasa, Carson Culver, Mary Killoy, Joyce Tennant, Barbara Nimocks

Library Board – Karin Tepley, Jarred Burke, County Rep, Ed Pulvermacher, Lisa Rewald, Blossom Wright, Francis Braithwaite, Ida Ryan, Dawn Kiefer

Natatorium Board – Susan Fruit, John Collins, Todd Coppernoll, Grant Worthington

NHS Revolving Loan Fund – Brian Moore

Park & Grounds Board – Council Representative Susan Fruit, County Board Representative, Brad Wegner, Robert Bellman, Pat Elliott, Kathryn Lewandowski, Larry Hallett

Plan Commission – Todd Coppernoll*, John Collins, Travis Wertz, Ray Wilson, Lisa Miller, Candace Fagerlind, Mark Jelinek

Police Commission – Pete Walsh, Mary Killoy, Marsha Machotka, John Cler, Mark Jelinek

Redevelopment Authority / Economic Development – John Collins, Travis Wertz, Barbara Shannon, Keith Behling*, Ray Wilson, Marsha Machotka, Tom Delagrave

Tourism Commission – Lenny Schaub*, Todd Coppernoll, Dennis Fry, Christy Adsit, Bob Hershey

Tree Board – Ryan Cairns* Karin Tepley, Larry Hallett, David Fry, Vacant position

Utility Commission – Rod Perry*, James Heiar, Scott Sawle, David Siefkes, Lenny Schaub, Travis Wertz, John Collins

Zoning Board of Appeals – Gordon Moore, Lisa Miller, Sue Patch, Ray Wilson*, Pete Walsh, alt: Tom Peralta


Ad Hoc Pool:  *Pat Elliott, Shane Stibbe, Kathryn Lewandowski, Mick Cosgrove, Dale Bender, Liz Perkins, Bill McCorkle, Todd Coppernoll, Andrea Wertz, Jarred Burke, Ray Wilson, Deb Fontana, Melony Walters

Ad Hoc Branding / Wayfinding Sign:  Lenny Schaub*, Shawn Grim, Kelly Coppernoll, Lee Borkowski, Kate Koziol, Carla Doudna, John Collins

Ad Hoc Chapter 485 Regulating Signs: John Collins*, Kelly Coppernoll, Jayme Walsh



1887-1888 H.B. Allen
1888-1892 Isaac McCann
1892-1893 H.B. Allen
1893-1894 Frank W. Burnham
1894-1895 E.A. Dove
1895-1896 O.J. Burnham
1896-1897 J.M. Shireman
1897-1899 Thomas M. Hart
1899-1901 Rober DeLap
1901-1902 A.C. Parfrey
1902-1905 J.E. Coffland
1905-1908 James Keys
1908-1910 Everett R. Pease
1910-1914 P.L. Lincoln
1914-1918 D.E. Smith
1918-1920 Rupert Strang
1920-1922 D.O. Dietzman
1922-1926 W.B. Poole
1926-1930 Francis Brewer
1930-1932 D.E. Smith
1932-1934 Francis Brewer
1934-1936 Levi Bancroft
1936-1938 Francis Brewer
1938-1940 Willard W. Pratt
1940-1944 O.D. Black
1944-1951 Vernon Thomson (4th term filled out by Carl Bouslough
1951-1960 E.J. Brindley
1960-1964 Floyd Alexander
1964-1968 William Wilson
1968-1985 LaVerne Hardy
1985-1986 Rodney Perry, Acting Mayor
1986-1992 Darlo D. Wentz
1992-1994 James Manning
1994-2000 Thomas McCarthy
2000-2002 Edwin Lee
2002-2006 Rita K. Kidd
2006-2012 Larry D. Fowler
2012-2018 Paul F. Corcoran


Michael J Kaufman

Todd Coppernoll