Counterfeit $100 bills

Press Release January 10, 2019

The Richland Center Police Department would like to alert area businesses and residents to watch for counterfeit $100 bills that may begin to appear throughout Richland and surrounding counties. On January 8th, 2019 at approximately 3:35 PM, Officers with the Richland Center Police Department received complaints of three counterfeit $100 bills being used at two local businesses within the City of Richland Center. At approximately 5:30 PM on January 8th, 2019 the Richland Center Police Department was made aware of a counterfeit currency investigation by Officers with the Muscoda Police Department. As a result of the Muscoda Police Department investigation, probable cause was established to arrest 36 year old Michael D. Streiff for crimes he committed in Muscoda. At approximately 10:00 PM on January 8th, 2019 Richland Center Police Officers located Streiff in the City of Richland Center, and through the subsequent investigation, Officers located 17 counterfeit $100 dollar bills in his possession. Through further investigation, it was confirmed that the three counterfeit $100 dollar bills that had been accepted at local businesses in Richland Center earlier in the afternoon, had come from Streiff and an accomplice. The serial numbers on the counterfeit $100 bills used at the local businesses were the same as the serial numbers on the counterfeit $100 bills found on Streiff’s possession. It is unknown at this time how many of the counterfeit $100 bills may be in circulation. On January 8th, 2019, Michael D. Streiff was arrested and transported to the Grant County Jail for charges related to the Muscoda Police Department investigation. Once Streiff’s Grant County court hearing is complete he will be turned over to Richland Center Police Department authorities and arrested for the following: Forgery (17 counts), Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of Methamphetamine, Possession of Schedule IV Drug, Possession of Prescription Drug without a Prescription, and Bail Jumping (10 counts). All Richland Center charges will be forwarded to Richland County District Attorney Jennifer Harper for prosecution. Chief Clements states, “The counterfeit $100 bills are obvious forgeries. They also have identical serial numbers of LB45440078L and are printed on distinctly thicker paper.” Chief Clements is urging people and businesses to pay close attention to $100 bills. The counterfeit bills can be detected with a currency detector pen and by taking an extra second to observe the front and back of the bill. Residents and stores are asked to carefully check bills when accepting money and turn in all suspected counterfeit bills to law enforcement as they are aware of the issue. Chief Clements states in addition to the great police work among neighboring law enforcement agencies, the Richland Center Police Department is working with the United States Secret Service to find the source of the counterfeit money. ###

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