CNN Money article about Richland County / Richland Center

CNN Money included Richland County in 1 of 8 places in US the middle class thrives… we’re # 3 of 8 on the article.

  • Population: 17,983
  • Median household Income: $42,971
  • Unemployment rate: 4.9%

The county’s main town of Richland Center may be small, but it has plenty of global ambition. The local branch of the University of Wisconsin has two exchange programs with Chinese universities, and community leaders are working on a project to build a dairy facility that would make products for the Chinese market, said Paul Corcoran, the town’s mayor and a local pharmacy owner.

The town’s main employers include a maker of factory automation equipment, two existing dairies and a foundry.

For recreation, Corcoran said locals enjoy the outdoor activities, like hunting, fishing, and hiking, as well as a variety of motor sports. The town even hosts something called the “Hybrid Redneck Rally,” a combination tractor pull/demolition derby/drag race/ATV event all rolled into one.

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