RC Church League Softball



The 2018 season of Richland Center Church League Softball began Tuesday night at Krouskop Park.

Richland Center Fellowship topped Park Street Christian 8-7. RCF came back from a 5-0 deficit in the 3rd and rallied on base hits to get the win. Dave Duhnke was 4 for 4 and Joe Dusterbeck went 3 for 4 to lead Park Street.

Hidden Valley Community downed St. Mary’s KCs 12-6. Brodie Tyler was 4 for 4 with a homer and Ben Thompson also homered for Hidden Valley. Emily Stafford was part of the win in her first ever Church League Softball game.

The Mission I got by Church of the Nazarene 10-8. Sonny Johnson at age 78 went 2 for 4 and Shane Sosinsky homered for The Mission.  A 7th inning rally fell short for the Nazarenes who were led by three hits each from Dave Hinrichs and Jim Goerlitz. Joe Hintz scored three runs in the effort.

And, Grandview Family Worship defeated The Mission II 24-7. Paige Libanksy was 3 for 4 with 4 RBIs for Grandview.

Action continues next week (May 22):

East Diamond:

7:00pm—Hidden Valley Community vs Park Street Christian (Grandview Family Worship ump)

8:30pm—Church of the Nazarene vs Grandview Family Worship (Park Street Christian ump)


West Diamond:

7:00pm—The Mission II vs St. Mary’s KCs (Richland Center Fellowship ump)

8:30pm—The Mission I vs Richland Center Fellowship (St. Mary’s KCs ump)


The latest scores, the full season schedule and 2018 rules are now available on the league’s website: www.rcchurchleague.com


If you have questions about Church League Softball, please contact us by e-mail (rcchurchleague@yahoo.com) or call Dave Frank at 475-2256.