Career Opportunity – RCPD Police Officer (deadline extended)

The Richland Center Police Department is seeking qualified and career-minded individuals for the position of police officer. Applications are now being accepted to fill a police officer vacancy or vacancies.

Salary: (2022-2024 contract) Beginning base salary of $3,990 per month, to a maximum patrolman base salary of $4,899 per month after 72 months.

Excellent benefits: (2022-2024 contract) health insurance, participation in the Wisconsin Retirement Fund, life and disability insurance, paid vacations and holidays, overtime, comp time, night shift differential, longevity pay, uniform allowance.

Applicant Requirements: Minimum age 18, valid drivers license, high school diploma or GED high school equivalency diploma, Associate Degree or 60 accredited college credits, ability to possess a firearm, no felony or domestic abuse convictions, ability to work nights/weekends/holidays, good verbal and written communication skills, ability to use all standard law enforcement equipment, ability to render credible testimony in a court of law, ability to perform essential functions of the position, certified or certifiable by the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Standards Board.

Testing Requirements: Must pass written exam, physical agility test, oral interview, medical exam, psychological exam, drug screen, vision test, and extensive background investigation.

Applications and waiver form can be found below, or may be obtained in person at the Richland Center Police Department, 470 S. Main Street, Richland Center Wisconsin 53581. If you need an application packet mailed to you, please contact the police department at (608) 647-2103 or at

The written examination and physical agility test will both be conducted at a time and date to be determined.

Application Deadline (now extended): Applications must be received by Wednesday, September 7, 2022.

An Equal Opportunity Employer

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Notice: Street Closure


Please note that the section of Main Street between Court and Mill Streets will be closed from April 26th through April 28th.

 For questions, please contact Terry Nelson at 608-604-0563.

Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.

Derek S. Kalish, City Clerk/Treasurer


Notice: Street Closure

Street Closure Notice

Please note that that the area of Church Street between Gage and Burton will be closed during the daytime hours beginning January 11 (Monday) through January 15 (Friday).  Please use Park Street as the detour route until the streets are reopened.  Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.

Snow Removal Emergency


Press Release

December 29, 2020

Due to anticipated snow accumulations from the impending winter storm, officials from the City of Richland Center have announced that a snow removal emergency begins at 10:00 PM tonight Tuesday, December 29, 2020 and is in effect until further notice. This snow removal emergency prohibits vehicles of any kind to be parked on any street or highway within the City of Richland Center between the hours of 10:00 pm and 7:00 am. A follow up notification will be sent out when the snow removal emergency is lifted. Notifications will be made via WRCO, City of Richland Center website (, Nixle alerts, and on the Richland Center Police Department Facebook page.

All vehicles must be removed from city streets and highways from 10:00 pm until 7:00 am each night that the snow removal emergency is in effect. Vehicles parked on any city street during these hours will be ticketed. The fine for a snow removal emergency violation is $15.00.  In addition, vehicles in violation may be towed at the owner’s expense.

Overnight, off-street parking will be available in five city-owned municipal parking lots located downtown. The five municipal parking lots are as follows: lot south of the Fire Department, lot south of the City Auditorium, lot north of Advanced Dairy solutions, lot across Jefferson St. from Kwik Trip, lot north of K&K Furniture. Overnight, off-street parking will also be available at the community center parking lot, city hall parking lot and the parking lot in Krouskop Park. Vehicles need to be removed from these lots during the daytime to allow for normal use.


Alternate Side Parking


Press Release

November 25, 2020

The City of Richland Center wants to remind residents that Alternate Side Parking begins on Tuesday, December 1st, at 12:01 AM this is a change from previous years, and will run through February 28, 2021. Persons parking vehicles on city streets are required to abide by Alternate Side Parking regulations EACH NIGHT between December 1st and February 28, 2021.

Alternate Side Parking enforcement will take place randomly throughout the week in addition to when the city receives an accumulation of snow and/or ice. Alternate Side Parking will be enforced between the hours of 12:01 AM and 7:00 AM.

Alternate Side Parking requires vehicles to be parked on the odd numbered side of the street on odd numbered dates and the even numbered side of the street on even numbered dates. Residents need to remember that the date during the overnight hours of 12:01 am to 7:00 am determines odd or even side parking. Owners of vehicles in violation of Alternate Side Parking regulations will be subject to a $10.00 parking ticket.

Please refer to Ordinance 2019-9

During a period of unusually severe winter weather, the city may declare a Snow Removal Emergency. During a Snow Removal Emergency, parking is prohibited on all city streets and highways. Residents would be required to find off-street parking for up to 72 hours or until snow-removal operations are declared completed by the Public Works Superintendent. Violations of a Snow Removal Emergency will result in a $15.00 ticket.

In addition to tuning into WRCO, the City of Richland Center urges residents to sign up for Nixle alerts at to keep up to date on local information including declared Snow Emergencies. Make sure to sign up for all alerts, advisories, and community messages under the Richland County Emergency Management account. The service is free and you can choose to receive e-mail and/or text message alerts. City and County Residents using Facebook can also keep up to date on all declared Snow Emergencies by following the Richland Center Police Department and Richland County Sheriff’s Department Facebook pages where declared Snow Emergencies will be posted.

Trick or Treating

Trick or Treating in the City of Richland Center will be held on October 31, 2020 from 3:30 to 6:00 p.m.

Residents wanting to participate should turn on their porch lights and decorate their properties to welcome the Trick or Treaters.  Trick or Treaters are urged to keep social distancing rules in mind when approaching other groups and when waiting your turn at the house that hands out candy.

This event may be cancelled by the Richland County Public Health Nurse or the Governor Evers

Park Street & 9th Street Intersection Closure June 4th 7am – 1pm

Due to the storm that went through the evening of June 2nd, the North side of 9th Street at the intersection of Park Street as well as the west side of Park Street will be closed for tree removal from 7am through 1pm on Thursday June 4th, 2020.

Employees will be present to direct traffic into one lane only.  Please be cautious and courteous if travelling on these streets.  Thank you

Update on Downtown Parking for Carryout Orders

Thank you all for ordering from local businesses during the pandemic!  To make things more safe and easier for pickup of carryout orders, Orange Cones were placed in various parking spots in the downtown area.  The parking space in front of the cones are for pickup of a call ahead order from local businesses.  They will remain in place for the time being.  While businesses may open up, we still need to use safe practices.

Christy’s Sunnyside Bakery has two parking spaces on Court Street in front of the business.

O’Cooch Books & Libations has a parking space on Court Street in front of the business.

The Press Box has a parking space on Court Street in front of the business.

Kelly’s Coffee has a parking space on Court Street in front of the business.

Los Amigos II has a parking space on Court Street in front of Halvorson’s CPA business.

Please be kind and allow these businesses in the downtown to have customer parking that is socially distance safe for everyone during this COVID-19 Pandemic.  Thank you.

Police Department Lobby Closure

Starting 4-6-2020 the Police Department front office lobby will be closed, all office staff will be working or asked to stay home until further notice to help promote social distancing.  

There will be a sign posted on the inside glass door with instructions on how to contact the on-duty officer, we are all healthy this is just to limit our exposure.


Billy J. Jones, Chief
ichland Center Police Department
470 S. Main St.
Richland Center, WI 53581


Sex Offender Bulletin

City of Richland Center Police Department
December 17, 2019

Area Residents:

The Richland Center Police Department is releasing the following information pursuant to Wisconsin State Statute 301.46(2m) which authorizes law enforcement agencies to inform the public of a sex offender’s release when, in the discretion of the agency, the release of information will enhance public safety, awareness and protection.

The individual who appears on this notification has been convicted of a sex offense that requires registration with the Wisconsin Sex Offender Registration Program (SORP). Further, this individual’s previous history places him in a classification level that reflects the potential to re-offend.

This sex offender has served the prison sentence imposed on him by the courts. THIS PERSON IS NOT WANTED BY POLICE. This notification is not intended to increase fear; rather, it is our belief that an informed public is a safer public.

Sex offenders have always lived in our communities, but it was not until the Sex Offender Registration and Community Notification Law was enacted, that law enforcement was able to share this information with the community.

Citizen abuse of this information to threaten, intimidate or harass registered sex offenders will not be tolerated.

Curtis A. Salisbury moved into 641 E. Burton Street, Apt. B in the City of Richland Center, on December 6, 2019.  He is under the supervision of the Richland Center Office of Probation/Parole (608)647-4848.


Employment will be approved by the Department of Corrections.


  1. No unsupervised contact with minors.
  2. No taverns/bars/liquor stores. Not to consume alcohol or drugs.
  3. Comply with standard sex offender rules.
  4. Comply with any recommended treatment.
  5. Comply with lifetime registration with the Wisconsin Sex Offender Registration Program.
  6. Comply with electronic monitoring.

 Agency Contacts:

Richland Center Office of Probation/Parole
Agent: Reyna Vasquez (608)647-4848.
Richland Center Police Department (608) 647-2103.


To learn more about the Sex Offender Registration Program in the State of Wisconsin, or to obtain information on other registered sex offenders living in the Richland Center area, please visit the sex offender registration website at

To obtain information on anyone under supervision please visit the State of Wisconsin, Department of Corrections website at

*This bulletin was prepared by the Richland County Sex Offender Registration Notification Team.