Emerald Ash Borer-Request for Bids, Plan, New Tree List, Adopt a Tree

The City of Richland Center along with Gays Mills is seeking bids for treatment of trees affected by the Emerald Ash Borer.  Bids are due to the City Clerk’s Office at 450 S. Main Street by 2:00 P.M. on Wednesday, February 28, 2018.  You may also email bids to mailto:Melinda.jones@richlandcenter.com
All bids must be clearly marked EAB Bid.  If you have questions please contact David Fry, City Forester at 608-604-0398 or for Gays Mills Cindy Kohles at 608-872-2184.  The City of Richland Center reserves the right to reject any and all bids.

EAB Treatment Specs and Request for Bids-Richland Center

EAB Treatment Specs and Request for Bids-Gays Mills

EAB Plan

EAB Adopt a Tree EAB Plan

EAB Availability List for Boulevard Planting


Bids received are as follows:

Steigerwaldt – $3200.00, Tim Andrews Horticulturist LLC – $1035.00, TruGreen $975.00

The bid was awarded to Tim Andrews Horticulturist LLC in the amount of $1035.00 on 3/6/2018

Emerald Ash Borer Information Update

The EAB is now a reality in Richland Center.  The City and WI DNR would greatly appreciate the publics assistance.  If you have an Ash Tree in your yard and plan to trim it or remove it, please call City Forester David Fry at 608-604-6713.  The part of the tree that is removed has to be kept separate from the brush piles outside of the landfill.  We are currently reviewing the plan already developed and will update the public when we have specifics set in place.  Thank you for your cooperation.