Park Recreation Activities and Aquatic Center to Remain Closed through June

May 26, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all city sponsored activities in Richland Center city parks are suspended through the month of June.

The one exception will be the fireworks, which will take place as scheduled, June 27th.  Tunderfest will not take place this year, but the fireworks will go on, WITH SOCIAL DISTANCING IN PLACE.

We’re asking people to view the fireworks from home, where possible, and we will be requesting permission for viewing of the fireworks from some area parking lots as well – a follow-up announcement will be made on this point when more information is available.

At some point in June, we will make a decision regarding a later opening date for the aquatic center and the resumption of youth activities and adult sports leagues.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

– Mayor Todd Coppernoll

Update on Downtown Parking for Carryout Orders

Thank you all for ordering from local businesses during the pandemic!  To make things more safe and easier for pickup of carryout orders, Orange Cones were placed in various parking spots in the downtown area.  The parking space in front of the cones are for pickup of a call ahead order from local businesses.  They will remain in place for the time being.  While businesses may open up, we still need to use safe practices.

Christy’s Sunnyside Bakery has two parking spaces on Court Street in front of the business.

O’Cooch Books & Libations has a parking space on Court Street in front of the business.

The Press Box has a parking space on Court Street in front of the business.

Kelly’s Coffee has a parking space on Court Street in front of the business.

Los Amigos II has a parking space on Court Street in front of Halvorson’s CPA business.

Please be kind and allow these businesses in the downtown to have customer parking that is socially distance safe for everyone during this COVID-19 Pandemic.  Thank you.

Mayor Coppernoll’s Announcement About Opening Local Businesses

May 14, 2020

Yesterday, by a 4-3 vote, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ended Governor Evers’, “Safer At Home” order. This decision forces local authorities to decide whether to re-open their communities at this time, or to continue restrictions until a later date – schools are not affected.

Last night, I consulted with local medical professionals, local law enforcement, and our County Administrator – a consensus was reached, and a decision has been made.

I am told, scientifically, there is no difference at this point between opening now, and opening in two weeks. I am told this is true because the safety measures put in place – sheltering at home, social distancing, frequent hand washing, and so on – have been effective.

These measures have achieved their objective of slowing the spread of COVID 19 locally, and, “flattening the curve.”  My physician advised me to remind people to remain vigilant, and to remember this means we have the opportunity to open a little earlier than we had planned, but it does not mean the virus is gone, or the threat no longer exists – it means these measures have been effective.

At this time, businesses in Richland Center may re-open, at their own discretion, and people may come and go from businesses, as they so choose.

City parks, the Community Center, and the Killian Meyer Building will remain closed at this time, to allow our Parks Department adequate time to prepare them for public use. No date has been set for their re-opening, an announcement will be made when a timeline is firmly in place.

-Mayor Todd Coppernoll


3 Ways to Respond to the 2020 Census

The current self-response rate is 62.5% for the 2020 census and the self-response rate in 2010 was 74.1%.

Also, Richland County is currently at 58.2% self-response rate and in 2010 it was 66.1%.  The State of Wisconsin is at 66.4% and ranked 2nd in the nation.

Richland Center residents – lets be the top ranked city in the state for the self response rate to the 2020 census!  Please see the handout below on how to respond to the census.

Census Self-Response Handout


Parks to Open May 1st-Shelters/Playgrounds Remain Closed

Mayor Todd Coppernoll announced:

In accordance with the recent orders of WI Governor Tony Evers, all buildings, shelters, and playgrounds must remain closed.

City Parks will re-open May 1, with social distancing – meaning, maintain a distance of at least six feet from others.

Buildings, shelters and playgrounds cannot be re-opened at this time.  If social distancing is ignored, the parks will close again until Governor Evers lifts his Safer At Home order.

Pine River Recreation Trail Open-Use Social Distancing

Effective immediately, the Richland Center Recreation Trail from County O at Wal-Mart, through the city to Highway 80 North – is open for public use. 

Social distancing is mandated on the trail – please allow six feet of open space between yourself and the nearest person, and when approaching someone from behind, please make your presence known when you reach a distance of ten feet behind them.

 If social distancing is not practiced, the trail will be closed again until Governor Evers lifts the, “Safer At Home” order.

 City parks remain closed at this time. 

-Todd Coppernoll, Richland Center City Mayor


April 7, 2020 City Election Results

Mayor’s Race:

Todd E. Coppernoll: Total Votes: 723
Ward 1- 70    Ward 2- 42    Ward 3- 66    Ward 4- 71    Ward 5- 69    Ward 6- 60    Ward 7- 49    Ward 8- 61    Ward 9- 55    Ward 10- 76    Ward 11- 62    Ward 12- 42

Paul F. Corcoran: 424
Ward 1- 30    Ward 2- 19    Ward 3- 38    Ward 4- 33    Ward 5- 37    Ward 6- 32    Ward 7- 30    Ward 8- 40    Ward 9- 48     Ward 10- 34    Ward 11- 34    Ward 12- 49


Alderperson District 1:  Susan K Fruit = 225
Ward 1 – 88
Ward 2 – 52
Ward 3 – 85

Alderperson District 2:  Carson Culver 233
Ward 4 – 80
Ward 5 – 85
Ward 6 – 68

Alderperson District 3:  John G Collins 231
Ward 7 – 64
Ward 8 – 82
Ward 9 – 85

Alderperson District 4:  Ryan Cairns 256
Ward 10 – 101
Ward 11 – 70
Ward 12 – 85

There were no provisional ballots issued.

Municipal Building Closure

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Mayor Kaufman has ordered the closure of the Municipal Building to the Public until further notice now that the election is over.  The closure will take place effective April 14, 2020.  If you have any business to take care of with the City Clerk/Treasurer’s Office please call 608-647-3466.

If you have any business or want to pay your utility bill please call the City Utilities Office at 608-647-3844.


Parks and Recreation Trail Closure

After Governor Evers closed most of the area State Parks, Mayor Kaufman has, at the advice of legal counsel, ordered the closure of the Richland Center Recreation Trail between County Hwy O at Wal-Mart through the City to Krouskop Park at State Highway 80 North until further notice.

The Richland Center Parks will also be closed until further notice.

The City is asking residents to stay safer at home as ordered by Governor Evers and practice social distancing.

Police Department Lobby Closure

Starting 4-6-2020 the Police Department front office lobby will be closed, all office staff will be working or asked to stay home until further notice to help promote social distancing.  

There will be a sign posted on the inside glass door with instructions on how to contact the on-duty officer, we are all healthy this is just to limit our exposure.


Billy J. Jones, Chief
ichland Center Police Department
470 S. Main St.
Richland Center, WI 53581