Aaron Black Trails CLOSED as of Monday, Nov 19th

The Aaron Black Trails segment between Industrial Drive and Cty A/Bowen’s Mill will be CLOSED until further notice, as of Monday, November 19th. Construction will begin for the ongoing project of rip-rapping the banks.

10/26/2018 Construction Update

Haseltine Street:   Gerke has completed the punch list items on the project.  The lawn restoration will be monitored in the spring to make sure the grass has established.  There will be one final pay request on the project that includes the rest of the street construction.

Westside Drive Reconstruction:  Gasser has been on site paving Westside Drive the last two days.  They plan to have almost all the asphalt done by the end of the day today, except for a small amount at the north end of the project.  Their goal is to finish the remaining asphalt on the project on Saturday.  Depending on weather or other delays, the asphalt driveways might not be finished until early next week.

Augelli Concrete plans to come back on Monday after Gasser is out of the way to finish the remaining concrete driveways and steps on the project.  

 In addition to the asphalt and concrete, Gerke will be finishing the lawn restoration, retaining wall, and Mr. Manhole adjustments after the asphalt is finished.  


Panorama Estates:  Gasser was on site today finish grading the road in preparation of paving tomorrow.  Gasser plans to pave the road tomorrow and the asphalt trail on Saturday.  

Augelli Concrete plans to come on Monday to finish the remaining concrete sidewalk on the project.  

 Century Fence was on site today doing the pavement marking on USH 14.  The intersection improvements are now complete, except for some concrete sidewalk at the intersection and lawn restoration.


Changes For Recycling and Trash Pickup Effective 11/1/18

Town & Country Sanitation has made some recent changes.  They now have a truck that will pick up residents trash containers while the operator remains in the truck.  Recycling will soon be pickup up every other week but trash pickup will remain weekly and some route changes or pickup dates will be changed.

Please review the information below which has also been mailed to residents:

Recycling Instructions

New Schedule effective 11/1/2018

Letter Regarding Route Changes

Residents may keep the current Town & Country Sanitation recycling bins until they no longer want them. If you do not want them, place them at the curb for the next large item collection.

If you have questions, please contact Town & Country Sanitation at 608-375-5856 or 1-800-626-1915.

Trick or Treating – October 31 – 5:00-7:30 p.m.

Trick or Treating in Richland Center will be held on October 31, 2018 between 5:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.   If you want to participate for children to stop at your home, please leave your porch light on.  Children should not stop at a house where the front porch light is off.

Be safe and use extra caution please!

Street Closure S. Central Ave on Oct. 31, 2018

The Diner has requested a street closure that is approved for October 31, 2018 between 2:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. for a Halloween Fest.  Central Avenue will be closed during this time between Court Street and the parking lot of The Peoples Community Bank.

10/8/2018 Construction Update

Haseltine Street:  The street and storm sewer construction on the project was finished last week.  Gerke will have a seeding crew come in this week to finish restoration on the project.   

 Gerke is bringing in the equipment this week to complete the Mr. Manhole adjustments on the sanitary manholes.


Westside Drive Reconstruction:   All the underground utilities are complete on the project.  Gerke has approximately 1 more day of street removals and base aggregate at the north end of Westside Drive.  They are not building the road today due to the rain.

 Augelli Concrete plans to come today to start setting up stringline for the remaining curb on the project.  If they do not get delayed with rain, they are planning to do the remaining curb and gutter on the project this Friday or Saturday.  

The current schedule is to complete the remaining asphalt on the project the week of October 22.


Panorama Estates:   Gerke Excavating now has base aggregate on the entire road.  Assuming they do not get further delayed with rain, Augelli Concrete is planning to do the curb and gutter on the project this Friday or Saturday.  

 The asphalt on the west side of USH 14 was completed last week.  After the asphalt was complete, Gerke modified the traffic control so they can start the median construction on the east end of the project today.



Center Color Fest Parade 10/6/2018 7pm

Saturday, October 6, 2018 will be the date for the Center Color Fest Parade beginning approximately 7:00 p.m.  The parade is estimated to last one hour.  Please click on the link to view the parade route.  Color Fest Parade Route 10-6-18

Enjoy the parade and have fun!

Street Construction Update 9/28/2018

Haseltine Street:  Maddrell Excavating was on site yesterday to replace the manhole cover at the Alcam Metering Manhole.  Gasser Construction will be on site today around noon to start paving the road and side streets.  They plan to have the lower lift of asphalt on Haseltine Street and the side streets finished tomorrow.  Gasser plans to finish the surface layer of asphalt next Tuesday assuming the weather allows.   

After the paving is complete, the remaining items include finishing the concrete sidewalk around the Alcam manhole, lawn restoration behind the curb, and completing the Mr. Manhole adjustments on the manholes.  Gerke’s current schedule includes finishing the concrete and starting the restoration next week.  Gerke plans to do the Mr. Manhole adjustments at the same time as the Westside Drive project, which will not be ready to complete for about three weeks.


Westside Drive Reconstruction:  Gerke finished all the underground utilities earlier this week.  They are currently excavating the road and adding base aggregate on Westside Drive from Stewart Street to USH 14.  This will take most of next week to complete.  Augelli Concrete plans to do the remaining curb and gutter on the project the week of October 8th.  The current schedule for paving the rest of the project is the week of October 15th.   

In addition to the road construction, Gerke will be respreading topsoil and doing the lawn restoration south of Stewart Street after they are finished with the restoration on Haseltine Street.


Panorama Estates: All the underground utilities are complete on the project.  Gerke is working on placing base aggregate to the road and have approximately 500 feet of road to finish.  Assuming they do not get delayed with rain, they hope to have the base aggregate finished by the middle of next week.  Augelli Concrete will complete the curb and gutter on the road after Gerke is finished placing the aggregate. 

Gasser Construction plans to do the asphalt on USH 14 on Monday.  The forecast currently shows a chance of rain.  If the weather does not allow paving on Monday, they plan to do the paving on Tuesday.



September 28, 2018 Homecoming Parade

The Student Council of the Richland Center High School will sponsor the Homecoming Parade on Friday, September 28, 2018 between 2:30 and approximately 4:00 P.M.

The parade will line up at 7th Street and Central Ave.

The route will travel south on Central Avenue to Court Street, East on Court Street to Church Street, North on Church Street to 5th Street will the parade will end and disassemble.

Please prepare and enjoy the parade.  Go Hornets!

Request for Bids for Aquatic Center

The City of Richland Center is requesting bids on a new aquatic center.

RC Aquatics Ad for Bids