The Lessee is responsible for snow removal and weed control on the leased property. The City of Richland Center contracts with the Buena Vista Flying Club for grass mowing and snow removal services.

Wisconsin does not assess personal property taxes on aircraft. Registration fees do apply. The State of Wisconsin charges fees based on the weight of the aircraft. An aircraft weighing up to 2,500 lbs. is assessed an annual fee of $39. An aircraft weighing 11,000 lbs. is assessed an annual fee of $690. In general, the fees assessed by Wisconsin are lower than fees charged by the State of Minnesota. Minnesota charges 1% of fair market value, depreciating to 25% of 1% over a period of seven years. A $200,000 Cirrus would initially be assessed a first year fee of $2000, while Wisconsin would amount to about $70. A $5,200,000 Raytheon Premier One registration fee would amount to approximately $52,000 the first year in Minnesota. In Wisconsin, it would amount to $940.00 – an annual savings of $51,060.00.

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