Frequently Asked Questions

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How does alternate side parking work?

City Council Resolution 2012-13 changed the Alternate Side Parking procedure for vehicles parked on streets within the city of Richland Center. Beginning November 1, 2012, vehicles parked on the street are now required to follow Alternate Side Parking regulations each and every night between November 1st and March 31st between the hours of midnight and 7:00 am. Alternate Side Parking is no longer tied to an accumulating snowfall as had been the case for the past ten years.

Alternate Side Parking is enforced between midnight and 7:00 am. During those hours, vehicles must be parked on the odd numbered side of the street on odd numbered dates and the even side of the street on even numbered dates. The date during the overnight hours of midnight to 7:00 am determines odd or even side parking. Residents need to make sure that any overnight guests are in compliance with Alternate Side Parking. Residents with questions regarding the new procedure are encouraged to call the police department at 647-2103.

Do I have to have address numbers on my home or business?

Yes. City ordinance requires address numbers to be securely attached to the front of all buildings in a conspicuous position and not higher that the first or ground floor. The numbers shall be not less than three (3) inches in height. House numbers greatly assist fire, police and EMS in locating the correct address. It is also very helpful for deliveries, family and friends.

Where can I obtain a temporary license plate for my new vehicle?

You can obtain a temporary license plate from the Battery Box located on Hwy 80 just south of the city or at Richland Motors located at 270 South Jefferson Street.

Where do I pay a parking ticket?

You can pay either at the Richland Center Police Department or by dropping the yellow ticket containing the correct amount into one of our yellow collection boxes located in front of the Richland County Bank or in front of BMO Harris Bank.

How can I obtain a restraining order?

Contact the Richland County Clerk of Court at (608) 647-3956 or stop into their office in the courthouse located at 181 West Seminary Street in Richland Center.

How can I have a Child’s car seat inspected?

You can contact one of the child passenger safety technicians listed below to arrange for an inspection:

  1. Rodney Andreae, Jones Chevrolet 647-3788
  2. Kimberly Clark, Rich Co. EMS 647-6474
  3. Michael Ricco, Richland County Chrysler 647-2233
  4. Barb Nimocks, Richland Hospital 647-6321

Where do I pay a traffic citation?

You can pay at the Richland County Clerk of Court office in the courthouse located at 181 West Seminary Street or at the Richland Center Police Department, 470 South Main Street. If you have questions concerning payment or the court date, please call the Clerk of Court at (608) 647-3956.

Should I report suspicious behavior to the police department even if it may turn out to be nothing?

Yes! Officers depend on citizens reporting anything that is suspicious or unusual. Criminals are often deterred and/or apprehended due to observant citizens quickly reporting what they have seen.

Where do I go to renew my driver license?

The Division of Motor Vehicles Service Center in Richland Center is open every Monday and Wednesday from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM and is located at 26136 Executive Lane, adjacent to Hwy 14 East and across from the Richland Square Shopping Center.  The now use an automated telephone system for scheduling appointments.  If you wish to schedule a road test you may call 1-800-924-3570.

Does the police department have all the forms necessary to register a vehicle?

Yes. We have a wide variety of forms necessary to register a vehicle as well as obtain personalized registration and disabled parking identification cards, among others. Please stop in or give us a call regarding your need.

If I sell my vehicle, what do I do with the license plates?

Never sell your vehicle with the license plates on it! Remove the license plates immediately and maintain a record of to whom you sold your vehicle including name, address and phone number. In most instances you may transfer your license plates to your new vehicle.

My neighbor has a junk vehicle in their yard. Can anything be done about it?

Yes. City ordinance requires that all vehicles parked outside of an enclosed building be operable and registered. If the vehicle does not run or is not currently registered, it would be a violation. This ordinance also pertains to car parts including tires. Contact the police department with the location of the vehicle. An officer will be assigned to investigate.

Do I have to register my bicycle?

Yes, the City of Richland Center requires that all bicycles be registered. You may register a bike by bringing it to the police department. Registration is $4.00 and is non-expiring. Registering your bicycle is cheap insurance in the event the bicycle is ever stolen. Upon its recovery, the police department will be able to notify you based on our record of registration. Each year the police department auctions off dozens of bicycles that have been recovered but were unable to locate an owner.

What are the laws regarding dogs in the city?

Dogs kept in the city are not allowed to run at large or to bark excessively. Premises within the city may not have more than two dogs. All dogs over five (5) months of age are required to be registered. Registration may be obtained at the City Clerk’s Office, 450 South Main Street. Owners are required to clean up any excretion by the dog/s, whether on private or public property. You may not chain or tie a dog in a front or side yard or where it will have access to any public sidewalk and doghouses must be in the rear yard unless a written waiver is obtained from the City Clerks Office.

What should I do if I find a stray dog or a vicious dog is running loose in my neighborhood?

The City of Richland Center contracts with private parties for the pickup of stray and abandoned dogs. You may contact the police department with the location and description of the dog. We will contact the individuals responsible for pickup.