8/20/18 Construction Update

Westside Drive Reconstruction: Gerke has made good progress with the underground utilities the last few weeks.  Gerke now has all the sanitary sewer main installed on the project.  They are now installing water main on Westside Drive from the Arbor Lane intersection heading south to Stewart Street.  They will stop installing the water main at the hydrant just north of Stewart Street to maintain access on Stewart Street.  After the water main is installed to that hydrant, they will take safe water samples and do a pressure test on the water main.  While they are waiting on the safe water samples, Gerke will start start installing storm sewer from USH 14 to Stewart Street.  After Gerke receives the safe water samples, they will stop installing storm sewer and start installing sanitary and water laterals on Westside Drive from USH 14 to Stewart street. 

Gerke also has a grading crew constructing Westside Drive from the Grove Street intersection to Stewart Street.  With the utility construction on the north end of Westside Drive and the road construction on the south end, Gerke is maintaining access to the site through Stewart Street and Grove Street/2nd Street.  After all the base aggregate is installed to Stewart Street and residents have access on the south end through Westside Drive, the grading crew will start grading and installing base aggregate on 2nd Street.  Gerke plans to have the road built through base aggregate on Westside Drive from Grove Street to Stewart Street and 2nd Street by early next week.  After the base aggregate is installed, Augelli Concrete will start installing curb and gutter.


Panorama Estates: 

Gerke Excavating and Maddrell Excavating are focusing on the USH 14 intersection improvements to get them finished as soon as possible.  Augelli Concrete is currently on site installing curb and gutter.  They started installing curb and gutter on Friday but stopped when it started to rain Friday afternoon.  They hope to finish the curb and gutter on USH 14 today before the rain starts.  After the curb is installed and the weather allows, they will pour the concrete median and concrete sidewalk along USH 14.  Augelli will temporarily leave a gap in the sidewalk where an old well casing was uncovered when the sidewalk was being removed on the east end of the project.

 Augelli also plans to pour most of the concrete pavement on USH 14 this week.  They will leave a gap in the concrete to allow the contractors for Duane’s building access to the site while the concrete is curing.  After the concrete is strong enough to allow construction traffic, Augelli will pour the remaining concrete in USH 14 next week.

 Maddrell Excavating is also currently building the first 300 feet of road on Panorama Court through base aggregate to give the building contractors a new access to the site before they remove the old access to the site required for the USH 14 improvements.   After the new access is complete, they will install the remaining sanitary sewer on the project.  


Haseltine Street:  

Gerke Excavating has made good progress on the storm sewer the last couple weeks.  They plan to finish the storm sewer on Tuesday or Wednesday this week depending on weather.  After the storm sewer is finished, they will start grading the road and adding base aggregate.  The road construction through aggregate, curb and gutter, and asphalt should take approximately 3 weeks to complete.



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