2020 Census Self-Reporting Update

City of Richland Center residents current self-response rate is 65.2% for the 2020 census and the self-response rate in 2010 was 74.1%.  Also, Richland County is currently at 60.3% self-response rate and in 2010 it was 66.1%.  The State of Wisconsin is at 67.9% and ranked 2nd in the nation.

Residents are challenged to rank #1 in the nation for 2020!  The city residents response is extremely important to city government funding.

Residents can respond until October 31, 2020 but we want them to respond ASAP to avoid having a Census worker come knocking on their door, which begins on August 11th.


The Census Bureau still has jobs available because the time-frame has changed so I included some information on jobs you can share below.  The pay is $17 per hour.


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