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Jodi Mieden, Race Director
P: 608-647-8108 ex. 1  /  602-828-2776

E: jodi.mieden@richlandcenter.com   /   jmieden@gmail.com



The Parks, Recreation & Grounds Department has sponsored an annual triathlon on the Pine River beginning the summer of 2012.  Paddle your way down the winding, picturesque Pine River, alongside rock outcroppings & through diverse vegetation.  Pedal your way through rolling, rural Richland County.  Run your way along Krouskop Park.  New routes in 2017 to look forward to!!

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Pi-Tri Readiness Group

The Richland Medical Center will be running a Pi-Tri Readiness group starting in April & ending the week of the Pi-Tri. This is geared towards beginners who want to compete in their first ever triathlon or people who are looking to gain additional training for the Pi-Tri. All are invited! We will meet in the Richland Center Community Center parking lot.

This group will meet twice a week.

Monday 5:30-6:30 -Bike ride— We will be riding along the bike trail, and some smaller hills around town and along backroads.

Wednesday  5:30-6:15ish -Couch to 5K—We will be following the C25K plan and will be running on both pavement and some uneven flat surfaces.

Sunday 2pm- Once a month- Canoe/Kayak down the Pine

If you are interested in participating in this group please call Mallory Bender at 608-647-6161 ext. 4311 or email mallory.bender@richlandmedctr.com to sign up. This is a FREE group and it is alright to miss a week just be sure to notify Mallory.



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