RC Church League Softball




Spring is here at last and soon, the 2017 Richland Center Church League Softball  season will be upon us.

The 2017 season of Richland Center Church League Softball got underway Tuesday night at Krouskop Park:


Park Street/West Lima downed Richland Center Fellowship 9-2. Brandon Kvamme tripled and had 3 RBIs in the win.


The Mission II defeated Grandview Family Worship II 8-5. Ethan Ingle pulled off an unassisted triple play for The Mission II.


Hidden Valley Community topped Grandview Family I 12-4. Pam Tydrich had 2 hits, Jeremy Carter was 4 for 4 and Matt Hatfield added a homer for Hidden Valley.


And, The Mission I got by St. Mary’s KCs 12-10, coming from behind with a 6 run 6th inning. Fred Jones had 3 hits and 4 RBIs for the Mission while Brooke Dobbs added 2 walks and 2 runs scored. John Paul Peckham led the KCs, going 3 for 4 including a triple. Pat Elliot doubled and Will Peckham added a triple.


Church of the Nazarene had a BYE.


Action continues next week (June 6)


East Diamond:

7:30pm—St. Mary’s KCs vs Grandview Family I (The Mission I ump)

8:30pm—The Mission I vs Hidden Valley (Grandview I ump)


West Diamond:

7:30pm—Park Street/West Lima vs The Mission II (Nazarenes ump)

8:30pm—Church of the Nazarene vs Grandview Family II (Mission II ump)


Richland Center Fellowship has a BYE.


The full league schedule, 2017 rules and more can be found on the league website – www.rcchurchleague.com


If you have questions about Church League Softball, please contact us by e-mail (rcchurchleague@yahoo.com) or call Dave Frank at 475-2256.