No Parking on Seal Coated Streets for Final Work

Fahrner Asphalt Sealers LLC just informed the City that they will be going around on all the streets they recently seal coated with a sweeper to pick up the leftover gravel tomorrow, August 22, 2017.   The Street Department will be placing no parking signs up this afternoon and they will be removed when the sweeping is finished.

The Street Department hopes to begin repainting the parking stalls on Seminary and Mill Streets, as well as the center lines on Seminary Street and Sextonville Roads Wednesday when the sweeping is finished or Thursday, August 24th.  The following is the list of streets that were seal coated:

Central Ave – between 4th Street and the dike at the North

Second Street – between Congress and Park Streets

Mill Street – between Main and the East at the dead end

Seminary St – between Orange and Park Streets

Park Street – between Seminary and Court Streets

Court Street – from Park Street to the East end at the Cul-de-sac

Sextonville Rd – between Gage and Sheldon Streets

Ward Street – between Sextonville Rd and the top of hill to the East

All of Wedgewood Dr. – between Veterans Drive and Bohmann Drive

All of Leslie Drive

All of Cairns Ave – between Seminary Street and the dead end to the South at Mary Lane

All of Mary Lane

Leona Ave – from the Dead end to the north property line of 600 Leona Ave.

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